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Achieving Harmony: Tuning into Practice
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Tuesday, June 16

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Wednesday, June 17

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POSTER.33 - Effectiveness of collaborative group work in a first-year Health Sciences course Bayshore FoyerFabiola Aparicio-Ting (University of Calgary) • Chelsea Doktorchik (University of Calgary) POSTER.34 - Electronic portfolio assessment: Developing a rubric for student evaluation in a course setting at the undergraduate level Bayshore FoyerAyesha Khan (McMaster University) • Julie Conder (McMaster University) • Marta Maslej (McMaster University) POSTER.36 - Examining changes in faculty teaching and sustainability of changes after professional development Bayshore FoyerStanley M. Lo (University of California - San Diego) • Su L. Swarat (California State University - Fullerton) • Denise L. Drane (Northwestern University) • Gregory J. Light (Northwestern University) • Rachael R. Baiduc (Northwestern University) POSTER.37 - Observing TAs’ teaching: Improving practice Bayshore FoyerAnita Girvan (University of Victoria) • Buddy Boren (University of Victoria) • David Barrett (University of Victoria) • Elizabeth Clarke (University of Victoria) • Elizabeth Hagestedt (University of Victoria) • Emma Nicholls-Allison (University of Victoria) • Jane Butterfield (University of Victoria) POSTER.38 - Prevalence of academic misconduct on written tests: How to measure it and how to stop it! Bayshore FoyerCoral Murrant (University of Guelph) • Kerry Ritchie (University of Guelph) • Kristine Ottaway (University of Guelph) POSTER.39 - Tuning into practice: Engaging entry-to-practice doctor of pharmacy students using simulation in a physical assessment course Bayshore FoyerErica Cambly (University of Toronto) POSTER.40 - Evidence-based recommendations to improve the accuracy of peer-evaluation of written assignments. Bayshore FoyerAlison Crerar (University of Guelph) • Daniel Jeffery (University of Guelph) • Kerry Ritchie (University of Guelph) • Krassimir Yankulov (University of Guelph). POSTER.41 - Using PhotoVoice to learn about complexity and interconnectedness in the context of social inequity and health. Bayshore FoyerBarb Berry (Simon Fraser University) • Jemma Tosh (Simon Fraser University) • Maya Gislason (Simon Fraser University) • Rodney Hunt (Simon Fraser University) POSTER.42 - Understanding the curve: Implications of norm-referenced grading in large introductory science courses Bayshore FoyerAlberto Guzman-Alvarez (University of California - Davis) • Amy Falk Smith (University of California - Davis) POSTER.43 - You can’t change what you can’t measure: Measuring teaching practices and student learning to promote improvement in introductory science classes Bayshore FoyerCatherine Uvarov • Alan Gamage (University of California - Davis) • Alberto Guzman-Alvarez (University of California - Davis) • Amy Falk Smith (University of California - Davis) • Chris Pagliarulo (University of California - Davis) • Erin Becker (University of California - Davis) • Greg Allen (University of California - Davis) • Marco Molinaro (University of California - Davis) • Matt Steinwachs (University of California - Davis)
Thursday, June 18

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RTD.11 - 'You learn no matter what happens': Approaches to harmonizing assessment of situated learning with discipline practice and situational realities Bayshore Salon ABCJohanna van der Heyden (BCIT) • Mirela Gutica (BCIT) • Trevor D. Lord (BCIT) RTD.12 - An investigation of students’ engagement with peers and assigned readings in annotation-enhanced discussion forums Bayshore Salon ABCCindy Xin (Simon Fraser University) • Ilana Ram (Simon Fraser University) • Lannie Kanevsky (Simon Fraser University) RTD.13 - Critical reflection: "How to" guide for providing feedback Bayshore Salon ABCDonna Drynan (University of British Columbia) RTD.14 - Crowdsourcing social learning and business education assessment Bayshore Salon ABCCharla Griffy-Brown (Pepperdine University) • Owen Hall Jr. (Pepperdine University) RTD.15 - Examining patterns of effective teaching practices across disciplinary areas Bayshore Salon ABCAllison BrckaLorenz (Indiana University-Bloomington) • Thomas Nelson Laird (Indiana University-Bloomington) RTD.16 - Incorporate effective teaching and learning techniques in large science classrooms to help first year university students transition Bayshore Salon ABCStephen Cheng RTD.17 - Is fine tuning possible with grade-focused students? Bayshore Salon ABCGail Frost (Brock University) • Maureen Connolly (Brock University) RTD.18 - Making Assessments COUNT: A framework for relevant and efficient assessment for learning Bayshore Salon ABCCarolyn Hoessler • Amelia Horsburgh (University of Saskatchewan) • Barbara Schindelka (University of Saskatchewan) RTD.19 - Student evaluation of teaching response rates Bayshore Salon ABCPeter Arthur • Gary Hunt RTD.20 - Teaching a blended course: The possibilities and the challenges Bayshore Salon ABCTanya Haye (Douglas College) RTD.21 - Would you prefer bento or buffet? Two systems of flexible grading Bayshore Salon ABCNicky Didicher (Simon Fraser University) RTD.22 - From practice to harmony: Teaching leadership chairs Bayshore Salon ABCJudy AK Bornais • David M Andrews (University of Windsor) • Ken Cramer (University of Windsor) RTD.23 - Interdisciplinary approaches to problem-based (PBL) learning: A case study of law and literature in an undergraduate classroom Bayshore Salon ABCJessica Riddell (Bishop's University) RTD.24 - The art and science of experiential learning: A liberal education approach to an academic microbrewery Bayshore Salon ABCDale Wood (Bishop's University) • Jessica Riddell (Bishop's University)

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CON09.02 - Making sense of student rating of instruction data: Effective visualization techniques to inform teaching practice Bayshore Salon DBeverley Hamilton (University of Windsor) • Phil Graniero (University of Windsor) CON09.04 - Student conceptions of “learning” as evidenced through short response items in learning journals Mackenzie RoomPam Kalas (University of British Columbia) • Sylvia Mclellan (University of British Columbia) CON09.07 - Assessing the quality of online education Chairman RoomSandra D. Monteiro (McMaster University) • David McDonough (McMaster University) • Geoffrey R. Norman (McMaster University) • Kelly Dore (McMaster University) • Lawrence Grierson (McMaster University) • Meghan McConnell (McMaster University) CON09.10 - Flipped classroom: Results from a two-year implementation of four large undergraduate calculus courses Salon 2Cindy Xin (Simon Fraser University) • Gregory Hum (Simon Fraser University) • Harpreet Kaur (Simon Fraser University) • Jamie Mulholland (Simon Fraser University) • Sonja Surjanovic (Simon Fraser University) • Veselin Jungic (Simon Fraser University) CON09.11 - ePortfolio assignment design, integration, and student learning Salon 3Allie Davidson (Carleton University) • Samah Sabra (Carleton University) CON09.13 - Harness the power of test-enhanced learning using mTuner Cypress 2 RoomSteve Joordens (University of Toronto) • Cho Kin Cheng (University of Toronto) • Dwayne E. Pare (University of Toronto) • Lisa Collimore (University of Toronto) • Robin Walker (University of Toronto)
Friday, June 19

8:30am PDT

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