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Achieving Harmony: Tuning into Practice
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Wednesday, June 17

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POSTER.19 - Barriers faced by undergraduate students when reading primary literature Bayshore FoyerEmily Leaman (Simon Fraser University) • Nienke van Houten (Simon Fraser University) POSTER.20 - Exploring undergraduates' learning strategies and metacognition in an introductory science course Bayshore FoyerAshley Welsh (University of British Columbia) POSTER.21 - Expose yourself to the scholarship of teaching and learning Bayshore FoyerDavid M Andrews (University of Windsor) • Jessica Raffoul (University of Windsor) • Michael K. Potter (University of Windsor) POSTER.22 - Faculty perceptions of challenges and enablers of effective teaching Bayshore FoyerAndrea Han (she/her) • Adriana Briseno-Garzon (University of British Columbia) • Gülnur Birol (University of British Columbia) • Lorne Whitehead (University of British Columbia) • Simon Bates (University of British Columbia) POSTER.23 - Insights from the inaugural cohort of an innovative first-year undergraduate program for international students Bayshore FoyerAshley Welsh (University of British Columbia) • Brian Wilson (University of British Columbia) • Joanne Fox (University of British Columbia) • John Haggerty (University of British Columbia) • Sandra Zappa-Hollman (University of British Columbia) POSTER.24 - Institutional teaching cultures: Tuning our attention to process metrics in an era of assessment and accountability Bayshore FoyerErika Kustra • Jill Grose (Brock University) • Lori Goff (McMaster University) • Paola Borin (Ryerson University) • Peter Wolf (Queen's University) • Donna Ellis (University of Waterloo) • Florida Doci (University of Windsor) POSTER.25 - Iterative practice, iterative pedagogy: Integrating writing and studio education to foster reflective teaching and transformative learning in the first-year graphic design Classroom Bayshore FoyerEmilie Brancato (OCAD University) • Nancy Snow (OCAD University) • Saskia van Kampen (OCAD University) POSTER.26 - Peer feedback on writing: Is more better? A pilot study Bayshore FoyerChristina Hendricks POSTER.27 - Reflecting on diagnostic errors: Taking a second look is not enough Bayshore FoyerGeoffrey R. Norman (McMaster University) • Jonathan Sherbino (McMaster University) • Sandra D. Monteiro (McMaster University) POSTER.28 - SoTL snakes and ladders: Variations on a theme Bayshore FoyerNicola Simmons (Brock University) POSTER.29 - Teaching team work skills to undergraduate students: How many teaching strategies do you use? Bayshore FoyerAlaina Evanson (Southern Cross University) • Beverly Joffe (Southern Cross University) • Jennieffer Barr (Central Queensland University) • Sandra Grace (Southern Cross University) POSTER.30 - The impact of practice on graduate students’ confidence to give a lecture Bayshore FoyerErin Aspenlieder (University of Guelph) • Lauren Wallar (University of Guelph) • Meagan Troop (University of Guelph) POSTER.31 - The impact of processing skills on students’ use of research resources Bayshore FoyerNathan Lachowsky (University of British Columbia) • Jacqueline Murray (University of Guelph) POSTER.32 - Using easily accessible aggregate LMS and SEoT data to evaluate learning design, learner engagement and perceived course value Bayshore FoyerDebra Sandilands (University of British Columbia) • Leah P. Macfadyen (University of British Columbia) • Ido Roll
Thursday, June 18

10:30am PDT

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RTD.01 - Balancing learner and educator participation in learning: A protective empowering approach Bayshore Salon ABCRosalina F. Chiovitti (Humber College) RTD.02 - Creating interdisciplinary harmony in teaching and learning research: SoTL research fellows and the intentional development of community Bayshore Salon ABCRobert Cockcroft • Trevor Holmes • Elizabeth Marquis • Dan Centea (McMaster University) • John Maclachlan (McMaster University) • Konstantinos Apostolou (McMaster University) • Kris Knorr (McMaster University) • Sandra D. Monteiro (McMaster University) • Theomary Karamanis (McMaster University) RTD.04 - Engaging students as partners in teaching and learning: A necessity for fine-tuning teaching practices? Bayshore Salon ABCAndrew Lee (McMaster University) • Catherine Swanson (McMaster University) RTD.06 - Teaching qualitative research methods: An experiential approach Bayshore Salon ABCSheri Fabian • Charmaine Perkins (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) RTD.07 - The impact of dual credit programs on Ontario college students Bayshore Salon ABCRena Borovilos (Humber College) RTD.08 - Tuning into Faculty and TA development in China: What we achieved and learned Bayshore Salon ABCCynthia Korpan (University of Victoria) • Jane Gair (University of Victoria) RTD.09 - Using peer support to fine-tune your teaching practice Bayshore Salon ABCSheila McManus (University of Lethbridge) RTD.10 - What is undergraduate research? Student and faculty perceptions Bayshore Salon ABCConnie Varnhagen (University of Alberta) RTD.54 - Out of tune? Lack of harmony between students’ and teachers’ expectations in higher education Seymour RoomEva Ulstrup (Roskilde University) • Sidsel Winther (Roskilde University)

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Friday, June 19

8:30am PDT

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