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Achieving Harmony: Tuning into Practice
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Thursday, June 18

1:45pm PDT

RTD.50 - Harmonizing the curriculum: Linking first-year writing with content courses Seymour RoomDeirdre Vinyard (Emily Carr University of Art and Design) RTD.51 - Are we graduating global citizens? Seymour RoomKyra Garson (Thompson Rivers University) RTD.25 - Creating the pathway: Using open badges to support personalized learning Bayshore Salon DCindy Underhill (University of British Columbia) • David Vogt (University of British Columbia) • Erin Fields (University of British Columbia) • Jon Festinger (University of British Columbia) • Will Engle (University of British Columbia) RTD.26 - Developing social justice literacy for educational developers Bayshore Salon DHanae Tsukada (University of British Columbia) • Erin Yun RTD.27 - Strategic planning in an educational development centre: Motivation, management, and messiness Bayshore Salon DMarion Pearson (University of British Columbia) • Simon Albon (University of British Columbia) • Isabeau Iqbal RTD.28 - Setting our sights: Exploring alternative career routes in educational development Bayshore Salon DCarolyn Hoessler • Isabeau Iqbal • Julie Timmermans (University of Waterloo) RTD.29 - Trends and challenges within graduate student professional development programs Bayshore Salon EFJacquelyn Brinkman (University of British Columbia) • Sue Hampton (Simon Fraser University) RTD.30 - Tuning in to inner ways of knowing: Contemplative practices in higher education Bayshore Salon EFLianne Fisher • Jill Grose (Brock University) RTD.31 - A scientific and applied approach to education: Translation of knowledge from the laboratory to the classroom Bayshore Salon EFSandra D. Monteiro (McMaster University) • Barb Fenesi (McMaster University) • Faria Sana (McMaster University) RTD.32 - Ultrasound-integrated pronunciation tutorials Bayshore Salon EFAsami Tsuda (University of BC) • Bosung Kim (University of BC) • Bryan Gick (University of BC) • Misuzu Kazama (University of BC) • Noriko Yamane (University of BC) • Strang Burton (University of BC) RTD.43 - Teaching and learning councils: Engaging faculty in changing institutional teaching practices Mackenzie RoomLiesel Knaack • Tom Carey (Transforming Learning Together) • Joy Mighty (Carleton University) • Samah Sabra (Carleton University) RTD.44 - An investigation of transformational and transactional leadership used by professors and its impact on student learning and engagement Mackenzie RoomJennifer Manna (McMaster University) • Teal McAteer (McMaster University) RTD.45 - Building a community of practice for teaching-track faculty Mackenzie RoomSunaina Assanand (University of British Columbia) • Catherine Rawn RTD.46 - Creating opportunities for international collaboration and dialogue: A joint program for Canadian and Japanese university education managers and developers Mackenzie RoomAndy Leger (Queen's University) • Kazuhiro Sugimoto (Tohoku University) RTD.48 - Lessons learned: A discussion of a TA training program for graduate students Mackenzie RoomGuy Shababo (University of British Columbia) • Nick Stember (University of British Columbia) RTD.49 - Does it blend? Preparing to teach a blended course: Lessons learned in helping instructors transform a course Mackenzie RoomBonita Bray (University of British Columbia) • Joseph Anthony (University of British Columbia) • Afsaneh Sharif (University of British Columbia) • Luisa Canuto (University of British Columbia) RTD.55 - How to do educational leadership for student learning? Preliminary findings from a staff training programme in educational leadership Seymour RoomSidsel Winther (Roskilde University) • Lasse Martin Koefoed (Roskilde University) RTD.52 - Self-care in higher education: Finding balance and promoting mental well-being Seymour RoomNicole Gardner RTD.53 - Student as producer: Enhancing student learning through meaningful collaboration Seymour RoomNovak Rogic (University of British Columbia) • Will Engle (University of British Columbia) RTD.33 - Academics in the open: Exploring networked, participatory, and open practices Bayshore Salon EFAshley Shaw RTD.34 - Creating a community of writers: Blog-based writing in the active learning classroom Bayshore Salon EFIan MacKenzie (Dawson College) RTD.35 - Guideline and instructional design to address privacy concerns in using open platforms for teaching and learning Bayshore Salon EFBosung Kim (University of British Columbia) • Namsook Jahng (University of British Columbia) • Novak Rogic (University of British Columbia) • Richard Tape (University of British Columbia) RTD.36 - If I record it, will they learn? Who benefits from the use of lecture capture technology? Bayshore Salon EFPatrick Lyons • Dragana Polovina-Vukovic (Carleton University) RTD.38 - Participant intentions in MOOCs: Defining success for learners in open courses Bayshore Salon EFHeather M. Ross (University of Saskatchewan) • Jay Wilson (University of Saskatchewan) • Ryan Banow (University of Saskatchewan) RTD.39 - Participatory lectures from the ground up: Using disciplinary knowledge, personality and background to develop engaging lectures Bayshore Salon EFSusan Clements-Vivian (Simon Fraser University) RTD.40 - The meaning of service learning reflected through e-learning portfolios Bayshore Salon EFTracey Jewiss (McMaster University) RTD.01 - Balancing learner and educator participation in learning: A protective empowering approach Bayshore Salon ABCRosalina F. Chiovitti (Humber College) RTD.02 - Creating interdisciplinary harmony in teaching and learning research: SoTL research fellows and the intentional development of community Bayshore Salon ABCRobert Cockcroft • Trevor Holmes • Elizabeth Marquis • Dan Centea (McMaster University) • John Maclachlan (McMaster University) • Konstantinos Apostolou (McMaster University) • Kris Knorr (McMaster University) • Sandra D. Monteiro (McMaster University) • Theomary Karamanis (McMaster University) RTD.04 - Engaging students as partners in teaching and learning: A necessity for fine-tuning teaching practices? Bayshore Salon ABCAndrew Lee (McMaster University) • Catherine Swanson (McMaster University) RTD.06 - Teaching qualitative research methods: An experiential approach Bayshore Salon ABCSheri Fabian • Charmaine Perkins (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) RTD.07 - The impact of dual credit programs on Ontario college students Bayshore Salon ABCRena Borovilos (Humber College) RTD.08 - Tuning into Faculty and TA development in China: What we achieved and learned Bayshore Salon ABCCynthia Korpan (University of Victoria) • Jane Gair (University of Victoria) RTD.09 - Using peer support to fine-tune your teaching practice Bayshore Salon ABCSheila McManus (University of Lethbridge) RTD.10 - What is undergraduate research? Student and faculty perceptions Bayshore Salon ABCConnie Varnhagen (University of Alberta) RTD.54 - Out of tune? Lack of harmony between students’ and teachers’ expectations in higher education Seymour RoomEva Ulstrup (Roskilde University) • Sidsel Winther (Roskilde University) RTD.11 - 'You learn no matter what happens': Approaches to harmonizing assessment of situated learning with discipline practice and situational realities Bayshore Salon ABCJohanna van der Heyden (BCIT) • Mirela Gutica (BCIT) • Trevor D. Lord (BCIT) RTD.12 - An investigation of students’ engagement with peers and assigned readings in annotation-enhanced discussion forums Bayshore Salon ABCCindy Xin (Simon Fraser University) • Ilana Ram (Simon Fraser University) • Lannie Kanevsky (Simon Fraser University) RTD.13 - Critical reflection: "How to" guide for providing feedback Bayshore Salon ABCDonna Drynan (University of British Columbia) RTD.14 - Crowdsourcing social learning and business education assessment Bayshore Salon ABCCharla Griffy-Brown (Pepperdine University) • Owen Hall Jr. (Pepperdine University) RTD.15 - Examining patterns of effective teaching practices across disciplinary areas Bayshore Salon ABCAllison BrckaLorenz (Indiana University-Bloomington) • Thomas Nelson Laird (Indiana University-Bloomington) RTD.16 - Incorporate effective teaching and learning techniques in large science classrooms to help first year university students transition Bayshore Salon ABCStephen Cheng RTD.17 - Is fine tuning possible with grade-focused students? Bayshore Salon ABCGail Frost (Brock University) • Maureen Connolly (Brock University) RTD.18 - Making Assessments COUNT: A framework for relevant and efficient assessment for learning Bayshore Salon ABCCarolyn Hoessler • Amelia Horsburgh (University of Saskatchewan) • Barbara Schindelka (University of Saskatchewan) RTD.19 - Student evaluation of teaching response rates Bayshore Salon ABCPeter Arthur • Gary Hunt RTD.20 - Teaching a blended course: The possibilities and the challenges Bayshore Salon ABCTanya Haye (Douglas College) RTD.21 - Would you prefer bento or buffet? Two systems of flexible grading Bayshore Salon ABCNicky Didicher (Simon Fraser University) RTD.22 - From practice to harmony: Teaching leadership chairs Bayshore Salon ABCJudy AK Bornais • David M Andrews (University of Windsor) • Ken Cramer (University of Windsor) RTD.23 - Interdisciplinary approaches to problem-based (PBL) learning: A case study of law and literature in an undergraduate classroom Bayshore Salon ABCJessica Riddell (Bishop's University) RTD.24 - The art and science of experiential learning: A liberal education approach to an academic microbrewery Bayshore Salon ABCDale Wood (Bishop's University) • Jessica Riddell (Bishop's University)
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