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Achieving Harmony: Tuning into Practice
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Wednesday, June 17

11:15am PDT

12:00pm PDT

CON02.12 - Deploying autonomous project teams in educational development Cypress 2 RoomCarolyn Hoessler • Chelsea R Willness (University of Saskatchewan) • Vince Bruni-Bossio (University of Saskatchewan) • Nancy Turner CON02.03 - Australian universities’ use of learning analytics for increased student retention Mackenzie RoomCarol A. Miles (University of Newcastle - Australia) CON02.11 - Exploring the impact of a fall break policy on student mental health outcomes Cypress 1 RoomKelly Angela Pilato (Brock University) CON02.02 - An analysis of the quality of student-led asynchronous discussions in on-line and blended learning courses Bayshore Salon EFSheri Fabian • Aynsley Pescitelli (Simon Fraser University) • Rahul Sharma (Simon Fraser University) CON02.07 - Building a harmonious and effective community of learners: The challenges of fostering peer interaction in online courses Director RoomAnnie Riel (Queen's University) • Catherine Dhavernas (Queen's University) CON02.04 - Tuning in on tacit knowledge Seymour RoomGenevieve Currie (Mount Royal University) • Janice Miller-Young (Mount Royal University) • Jennifer Boman (Mount Royal University) • Michelle Yeo (Mount Royal University) • Ron MacDonald (Mount Royal University) • Stephanie Zettel (Mount Royal University) CON02.06 - My students are revolting! The use of humour as a classroom management strategy Chairman RoomJeff Logan (SAIT Polytechnic) CON02.05 - Using role-immersion games like the 'Reacting to the Past' series in larger classes Thompson RoomBen Nilson (University of British Columbia)
Thursday, June 18

3:00pm PDT

CON07.03 - Tuning into the practice of first year foundations courses Mackenzie RoomElizabeth Marquis • Beth Levinson (McMaster University) • Kaila Radan (McMaster University) • Mark Busser (McMaster University) • Meaghan Ross (McMaster University) • Nick Marquis (McMaster University) • Rachel Brain (McMaster University) • Sandra Preston (McMaster University) CON07.01 - Teaching controversial issues: A pilot workshop Bayshore Salon DCarol Berenson (University of Calgary) CON07.12 - Faculty perceptions of the impact of professional development: Interculturalizing the curriculum Cypress 2 Roomemma bourassa (Thompson Rivers University) • Kyra Garson (Thompson Rivers University) CON07.02 - The leaking pipeline: Can empathy help to reduce attrition in STEM? Bayshore Salon EFAnna Russo Kennedy (University of Victoria) • Anthony Estey (University of Victoria) • Yvonne Coady (University of Victoria) CON07.07 - Finding a middle (MOOC) ground: Making space for a global community in the xMOOC Director RoomDevon Mordell (McMaster University) • Zafar Syed (McMaster University) CON07.13 - Knowing the land beneath our feet: Integrating a digital Indigenous walking tour into University of British Columbia classrooms Bayshore Salon ABCDaniel Heath Justice (University of British Columbia) • David Gaertner (University of British Columbia) • Evan Mauro (University of British Columbia) • Kathryn Grafton (University of British Columbia) • Sarah Ling (University of British Columbia) • Spencer Lindsay (University of British Columbia) • Amy Perreault CON07.04 - Creating a framework and supports for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research projects Seymour RoomGregory Hum (Simon Fraser University) • Jack Davis (Simon Fraser University) CON07.06 - ‘Threshold concepts’, dissonance and disorientation in transformative learning: Exploring student encounters with ‘troublesome knowledge’ in Introductory Sociology Chairman RoomAlison Thomas (Douglas College) CON07.09 - Peer review of teaching: Program evaluation results Salon 2Simon Bates • Shaya Golparian (University of British Columbia) CON07.05 - The rewards (& risks) of alternative assignments for senior students Thompson RoomMichael Ackerman (Wilfrid Laurier University)

3:45pm PDT

CON08.01 - From learning outcomes to competencies to careers: A case study of a team based approach to curriculum redesign Bayshore Salon ABCJulie Walchli (University of British Columbia) • Sally Hermansen (University of British Columbia) • Oksana Bartosh (DIRECTIONS Evidence and Policy Research Group) CON08.03 - Multiple stakeholder perspectives on the value (and challenges) of community-based experiential learning in human services-oriented programs Bayshore Salon EFBarbara Hamilton-Hinch (Dalhousie University) • Bradon Kingdon (Dalhousie University) • Karen Gallant (Dalhousie University) • Lara Fenton (Dalhousie University) • Laurene Rehman (Dalhousie University) • Melanie Fingold (Dalhousie University) • Susan Hutchinson (Dalhousie University) CON08.02 - Contextualized academic development: Facilitating change in teaching and learning practices Bayshore Salon DBrad Wuetherick CON08.12 - Assessment of the teaching assistant preparation program (TAPP) Cypress 1 RoomJennifer Lock (University of Calgary) • Luciano da Rosa dos Santos (University of Calgary) CON08.07 - Transforming the first year writing experience: Blended learning in the composition classroom Chairman RoomJordan Stouck (University of British Columbia) CON08.08 - Achieving harmony in eLearning development: A collaborative discussion Director RoomRebecca Taylor (Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College) • Loretta Howard CON08.04 - Exploring the outcomes of empowerment among health sciences students Mackenzie RoomLisa M Giallonardo (Humber College) • Margot E Rykhoff (Humber College) CON08.05 - Examining the role of friendship in mentoring relationships between faculty advisors and graduate students Seymour RoomJacqueline L. Beres (Brock University) • Jess C Dixon (University of Windsor) CON08.06 - Formation et pédagogie universitaire Thompson RoomHelene Meunier • Cécile Liénart (Université du Québec à Montréal) • Michèle Lefebvre (Université du Québec à Montréal) CON08.13 - Tuning into students: Social impact of institutional rankings Cypress 2 RoomChastine Lamoureux (University of Windsor) • Ken Cramer (University of Windsor) • Rebecca Pschibul (University of Windsor) • Sarah Mackay (University of Windsor) • Stewart Page (University of Windsor) • Vanessa Burrows (University of Windsor) • Victoria Pedri (University of Windsor)

4:30pm PDT

CON09.05 - Understanding the role of undergraduate research mentorship in influencing student identity development Seymour RoomAndrea Hunt (University of North Alabama) • Claudia Scholz (Spelman College) • Ruth Palmer (The College of New Jersey) • Michael Neal (Florida State University) • Brad Wuetherick CON09.12 - Going the distance to promote excellence in teaching: Tracking the effectiveness of a reciprocal peer observation approach in higher education Cypress 1 RoomJudy AK Bornais • David M Andrews (University of Windsor) • Jess C Dixon (University of Windsor) CON09.08 - Seeing is doing: Modeling academic writing and research through instructional videos to support our English Language Learners (ELLs) Director RoomSusan Barber (Simon Fraser University) CON09.09 - E-learning, e-quality Salon 1Eileen De Courcy (Humber College) • Theresa Steger (Humber College) CON09.03 - Use of reflection to improve student metacognition about their learning Bayshore Salon EFAdriana Briseno-Garzon (University of British Columbia) • Katherine Lyon (University of British Columbia) • Khristine Carino (University of British Columbia) • Marcelo Bravo (University of British Columbia) • Maura MacPhee (University of British Columbia) CON09.02 - Making sense of student rating of instruction data: Effective visualization techniques to inform teaching practice Bayshore Salon DBeverley Hamilton (University of Windsor) • Phil Graniero (University of Windsor) CON09.04 - Student conceptions of “learning” as evidenced through short response items in learning journals Mackenzie RoomPam Kalas (University of British Columbia) • Sylvia Mclellan (University of British Columbia) CON09.07 - Assessing the quality of online education Chairman RoomSandra D. Monteiro (McMaster University) • David McDonough (McMaster University) • Geoffrey R. Norman (McMaster University) • Kelly Dore (McMaster University) • Lawrence Grierson (McMaster University) • Meghan McConnell (McMaster University) CON09.10 - Flipped classroom: Results from a two-year implementation of four large undergraduate calculus courses Salon 2Cindy Xin (Simon Fraser University) • Gregory Hum (Simon Fraser University) • Harpreet Kaur (Simon Fraser University) • Jamie Mulholland (Simon Fraser University) • Sonja Surjanovic (Simon Fraser University) • Veselin Jungic (Simon Fraser University) CON09.13 - Harness the power of test-enhanced learning using mTuner Cypress 2 RoomSteve Joordens (University of Toronto) • Cho Kin Cheng (University of Toronto) • Dwayne E. Pare (University of Toronto) • Lisa Collimore (University of Toronto) • Robin Walker (University of Toronto)
Friday, June 19

10:45am PDT

CON12.01 - Flexible classroom trends in Biology: Promoting active learning with appropriate supportive scaffolding – the BioFlex approach Bayshore Salon DKaren M Smith (University of British Columbia) • Sunita G Chowrira (University of British Columbia) CON12.12 - Threshold process for understanding and applying systems principles Cypress 2 RoomWill Valley (University of British Columbia) CON12.08 - Development and implementation of a campus-wide survey of faculty teaching practices and perceptions Salon 1Andrea Han (she/her) • Simon Bates • Adriana Briseno-Garzon (University of British Columbia) • Gülnur Birol (University of British Columbia) • Lorne Whitehead (University of British Columbia) CON12.03 - Online course design to facilitate transition from MOOC to fully-registered university student Mackenzie RoomPatrick Lyons • Bruce H. Tsuji (Carleton University) • Matthew Sorley (Carleton University) CON12.07 - Flip this classroom: Changing post-secondary teaching environments Director RoomDavid Hinger (University of Lethbridge) • Victoria Holec (University of Lethbridge) CON12.02 - Aligning values and practice in academic settings: Reflections from a study involving instructors’ and students’ perspectives about learning Bayshore Salon EFDiana Cukierman (Simon Fraser University) • Donna McGee Thompson (Simon Fraser University) • Farimah Salimi (Simon Fraser University) • Sheryl Guloy (Simon Fraser University) CON12.04 - Using reflective activity to improve student metacognition and attitudes in post-secondary education Seymour RoomPetra Menz • Cindy Xin (Simon Fraser University) • Jing Li (Simon Fraser University) CON12.05 - Le portfolio: un outil d'évaluation pour la formation des maîtres Thompson RoomHelene Meunier • Carole Raby (Université du Québec à Montréal) • Gilles Raîche (Université du Québec à Montréal) CON12.11 - Online evaluation of courses: Examining impact on participation rates and evaluation scores Cypress 1 RoomJovan Groen (University of Ottawa) • Yves Herry (University of Ottawa)
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