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Achieving Harmony: Tuning into Practice
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Kim Bothen

Capilanou University
North Vancovuer
After twenty three years in the entertainment industry in Canada I co-founded the Costuming for Stage and Screen diploma Program at Capilano University, a small teaching based University in North Vancovuer, British Columbia. Sixteen years ago when we started to write this program it was a huge dream: imagine! Well, we have a diploma program, its successful ( always fully enrolled and showing graduate success every year!), and as I continue to learn and study about teaching and learning, its seems my colleague and I stumbled on to many principles and practices that are part of the ongoing discussion on research on adult education! I would love to talk over Experiential Learning, Learning Portfolios, Reflective Writing, Costume Design and Building, Theatre and Film, Flipped Classrooms, Studetn Engagement...and/or all thing teaching and learning, family and gardens!