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Achieving Harmony: Tuning into Practice
Wednesday, June 17 • 4:00pm - 5:30pm
POSTER.36 - Examining changes in faculty teaching and sustainability of changes after professional development

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This paper examines the relationship among changes in faculty conceptions, approaches, and practices of teaching after professional development, employing a mixed-method approach, with interviews, surveys, and classroom observations, to triangulate the relationship among faculty conceptions, approaches, and practices of teaching. Conceptions are examined with a semi-structured interview protocol designed to explore participants’ understanding of teaching (Light 2008). The Approaches to Teaching Inventory, a Likert-scale instrument, is used to measure approaches (Trigwell 2004). Instructional practices are analyzed by coding video recordings of classroom sessions with a protocol that tracks observable instructor and student activities in defined time intervals (Smith 2013). Interviews and classroom observations are coded by at least two raters, with inter-rater agreement at greater than 0.7 and 0.8 respectively. Three case studies are chosen because of their different patterns of changes in conceptions of teaching. Two observations emerge from these case studies. First, conceptions of teaching inform instructional practices, whereas approaches can be disconnected. From our data, the three instructors have similar approaches but different conceptions, and their instructional practices have observable differences informed by their conceptions. Second, sustainable changes in practices may be associated with changes in conceptions. One instructor, whose conception did not change, attempted new instructional practices but reverted to transmission-based practices in the second implementation of the course. The other two instructors, who developed acquisition-based and conceptual-change conceptions, sustained their new practices._x000D_
Light G, Calkins S (2008). The experience of faculty development: Patterns of variation in conceptions of teaching. International Journal for Academic Development 13: 27-40._x000D_
Smith MK, Jones FHM, Gilbert SL, Wieman CE (2013). The classroom observation protocol for undergraduate STEM (COPUS): A new instrument to characterize university STEM classroom practices. CBE Life Sciences Education 12: 618-627._x000D_
Trigwell K, Prosser M (2004). Development and use of the approaches to teaching inventory. Educational Psychology Review 16: 409-424.

Wednesday June 17, 2015 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Bayshore Foyer

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