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Achieving Harmony: Tuning into Practice
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Wednesday, June 17

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CON01.04 - Play it: Impacts of experiential learning and authentic assessment in undergraduate music theory Chairman RoomMichael Callahan (Michigan State University) CON01.07 - From caving to robots: Integration of experiential learning into a curriculum Salon 2Chad Harvey (McMaster University) • John Maclachlan (McMaster University) CON01.08 - “Over Easy” flipped experience: preparing faculty to effectively implement flipped teaching Salon 3Ryan Banow (University of Saskatchewan) CON01.05 - Are there perks to being a Twitter wallflower? Exploring peripheral Twitter participation in public relations education Director RoomAndrea Tavchar (Humber College) CON01.01 - Investigating the influence of learning attitudes on students' choice of major Mackenzie RoomAmanda Musgrove (University of British Columbia) • E. Jane Maxwell (University of British Columbia) • Jaclyn J. Stewart (University of British Columbia) CON01.02 - Research on teaching philosophy statements from a learning perspective Seymour RoomArshad Ahmad • Janette Barrington CON01.06 - Art-making in health professions education: From research to practice Salon 1Carol Ann Courneya (University of British Columbia) • Susan Cox (University of British Columbia) CON01.10 - Student diversity in context: Structural factors enhancing the composition of classrooms and classroom dynamics‏ Cypress 2 RoomNeil Guppy (University of BC) • Katherine Lyon (University of British Columbia) CON01.03 - Tracking learning outcomes and assessment results in learning management systems Thompson RoomBeverlie Dietze (Okanagan College) • Michelle Nicholson (Okanagan College) CON01.09 - Harmonic progression: Adapting an evaluation tool for online courses to a new setting Cypress 1 RoomBev King (Queen's University) • Brenda Ravenscroft (Queen's University) • Ulemu Luhanga (Queen's University)

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CON02.09 - Using curriculum mapping to help institutions visualise change Salon 2Jason Siefken (University of Victoria) • Teresa Dawson (University of Victoria) CON02.12 - Deploying autonomous project teams in educational development Cypress 2 RoomCarolyn Hoessler • Chelsea R Willness (University of Saskatchewan) • Vince Bruni-Bossio (University of Saskatchewan) • Nancy Turner CON02.03 - Australian universities’ use of learning analytics for increased student retention Mackenzie RoomCarol A. Miles (University of Newcastle - Australia) CON02.11 - Exploring the impact of a fall break policy on student mental health outcomes Cypress 1 RoomKelly Angela Pilato (Brock University) CON02.02 - An analysis of the quality of student-led asynchronous discussions in on-line and blended learning courses Bayshore Salon EFSheri Fabian • Aynsley Pescitelli (Simon Fraser University) • Rahul Sharma (Simon Fraser University) CON02.07 - Building a harmonious and effective community of learners: The challenges of fostering peer interaction in online courses Director RoomAnnie Riel (Queen's University) • Catherine Dhavernas (Queen's University) CON02.10 - From mobile access to multi-device learning ecologies: A case study Salon 3Paul Hibbitts CON02.01 - Realizing SoTL through teamwork: Faculty, staff and students working together Bayshore Salon DCheryl Amundsen (Simon Fraser University) • Cindy Xin (Simon Fraser University) • Lannie Kanevsky (Simon Fraser University) • Veronica Hotton (Simon Fraser University) CON02.04 - Tuning in on tacit knowledge Seymour RoomGenevieve Currie (Mount Royal University) • Janice Miller-Young (Mount Royal University) • Jennifer Boman (Mount Royal University) • Michelle Yeo (Mount Royal University) • Ron MacDonald (Mount Royal University) • Stephanie Zettel (Mount Royal University) CON02.06 - My students are revolting! The use of humour as a classroom management strategy Chairman RoomJeff Logan (SAIT Polytechnic) CON02.05 - Using role-immersion games like the 'Reacting to the Past' series in larger classes Thompson RoomBen Nilson (University of British Columbia) CON02.08 - I flipped my tutorials: A case study of implementing active learning strategies in Engineering Salon 1Jonathan Verrett (McGill University) • Maria Orjuela-Laverde (McGill University)

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CON03.CreativeDiscussion01 - Go outside and learn STLHE Registration DeskAlice Cassidy CON03.06 - A meaningful plan: Using a “portfolio of practice” approach to strategic planning in higher education Thompson RoomRobin Alison Mueller (University of Calgary) • Natasha Kenny CON03.08 - Incorporating active listening into day to day practices of educational development Director RoomJoseph Topornycky (University of British Columbia) • Shaya Golparian (University of British Columbia) CON03.09 - Pursuing professional pedagogical growth through peer observation of teaching: Come one, come all, come hear all about it! Salon 1Judy AK Bornais • David M Andrews (University of Windsor) • Jess C Dixon (University of Windsor) CON03.11 - Taking your teaching beyond your classroom: Teaching practice and educational leadership Salon 3Allen Sens (University of British Columbia) • Joanne Fox (University of British Columbia) • Sunaina Assanand (University of British Columbia) • Christina Hendricks • Catherine Rawn CON03.03 - Cohort-building and enabling risk and growth Bayshore Salon EFJillian Wagg (University of Northern British Columbia) • Lisa Dickson (University of Northern British Columbia) CON03.12 - Exploring the contextual variables and ethical ideologies that help inform decisions about everyday moral dilemmas in teaching Cypress 1 RoomKristie R. Dukewich (University of Toronto) • Suzanne C. Wood (University of Toronto) CON03.13 - Head, heart, hands and home: A meaningful way to support students navigate choice Cypress 2 RoomKyle Nelson (University of British Columbia) • Robyn Leuty (University of British Columbia) CON03.07 - Leading change with learning spaces Chairman RoomAdam Finkelstein (McGill University) CON03.04 - How do you partner with student scholars? Mackenzie RoomArshad Ahmad • Elizabeth Marquis CON03.05 - Exploring links between learning environments and student well-being Seymour RoomAlisa Stanton (SFU) • Barbara Berry (SFU) • David Zandvliet (SFU) • Rosie Dhaliwal (SFU) • Lott Hill (Columbia College Chicago) CON03.10 - Leadership to advance scholarly teaching at post-secondary institutions Salon 2Peter Arthur • Stephanie Chu • Gary Hunt • Liesel Knaack CON03.CreativeDiscussion02 - Tuning into dissonance and resonance in post-secondary communities of practice STLHE Registration DeskMartha Mcalister (Camosun College) CON03.CreativeDiscussion03 - Writing into our teaching challenges: Four creative writing exercises to deepen reflective practice STLHE Registration DeskAndrew Westoll (University of Toronto Scarborough) CON03.01 3M Welcome to My Class - Tuning into the fun in teaching – how to stop worrying and embrace creativity Bayshore Salon ABCJonathan White (University of Alberta) • Jacqueline Murray (University of Guelph) • Cam Tsujita (Western University) • Carol Duncan (Wilfrid Laurier University) • Maureen Volk (Memorial University) • Pat Maher (Cape Breton University) • Philippe Caignon (Concordia University) • Pippa Lock (McMaster University) • Rosemary Polegato (Mount Allison University) • Donna Marie Eansor (University of Windsor) CON03.02 - Promoting teamwork skills using peer assessment in team-based learning Bayshore Salon DAndy Leger (Queen's University) • Emily Britton (Queen's University) • Peter Wolf (Queen's University)

3:00pm PDT

CON04.CreativeDiscussion01 - YO-GAgné’s events of instruction (Achieving harmony – tuning into practice)LIMITED STLHE Registration DeskMaristela Petrovic-Dzerdz (Carleton University) CON04.CreativeDiscussion03 - Applying a concurrent experiential learning model: Peer leadership within an outdoor orientation program. STLHE Registration DeskRyan Howard (University of Northern British Columbia) • Anna Lathrop (Brock University) • Tim O'Connell (Brock University) CON04.09 - Getting to impact: Connecting evidence and practice Salon 1Janette Barrington • Jennifer Faubert (McMaster University) • Minha Ha (McMaster University) • Nancy Fenton (McMaster University) CON04.01 - 3M National Student Fellowship - Describing processes that nurture a culture of student educational leadership in post secondary institutions Bayshore Salon ABCMaureen Connolly (Brock University) CON04.05 - Sustained harmony: Building an institutional culture for the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning (SoTL) Seymour RoomNatasha Kenny • Gavan Watson CON04.10 - Coaching as a learning methodology in one University's Academic Leadership Development Program Salon 2Julia McLaughlin (University of British Columbia) • Amrit Kanwaljit Singh Mundy (University of British Columbia) • Fran Watters (University of British Columbia) • Julie Stockton (University of British Columbia) CON04.11 - Addressing food insecurity through social innovation: improving the educational experience of physical and engineering science students through multi-disciplinary teamwork Salon 3Corey Alexander (University of Guelph) • Daniel Gillis (University of Guelph) CON04.13 - Dissonance or harmony? Reflections on alignment between students-as-partners principles and practices in post-secondary Institutions in Canada Cypress 2 RoomAngela Kehler (UNBC) • Heather Smith (UNBC) • Roselynn Verwoord CON04.04 - Blending billionaires, beavers and banditos Mackenzie RoomBina Mehta (Wilfrid Laurier University) • Kevin Spooner (Wilfrid Laurier University) CON04.07 - Hold the phone: Tuning into mobile technology in higher education Chairman RoomDavid Cameron (University of Newcastle - Australia) CON04.12 - Fostering lifelong learners in business education through the program-level integration of creative learning portfolios Cypress 1 RoomGolnaz Golnaraghi (Sheridan College) • Jana Wells (Sheridan College) • Marcie Theoret (Sheridan College) CON04.08 - Turning the tables: Bringing Aboriginal pedagogies into academic practice Director RoomAshleigh Androsoff (Douglas College) CON04.02 - First day boot camp show and tell: How we moved beyond discussing the syllabus Bayshore Salon DPaul Martin • Carolyn Ives (MacEwan University) • Daniel Braun (MacEwan University) CON04.03 - Curricular resonance: Making space for transformative learning through assessment Bayshore Salon EFMeagan Troop (University of Guelph) • Sue Fostaty Young CON04.06 - Active eLearning: Adapting established F2F teaching strategies to fit eLearning environments Thompson RoomYasmien Mills (University of Victoria) CON04.CreativeDiscussion02 - What if you were an atom? Role playing as a mean to covey practical concepts in applied sciences STLHE Registration DeskLaura Forni (Alexander College) • Daria Capostagno (Simon Fraser University) • Fabio Campi (Simon Fraser University)

4:00pm PDT

POSTER.01 - An interdepartmental curriculum map as a foundation for undergraduate life sciences curriculum reform Bayshore FoyerLaura Hilton (Simon Fraser University) POSTER.02 - Discovery, redesign and fine-tuning: Laying the foundations for leadership competency building within students pursuing a four-year undergraduate business degree program. Bayshore FoyerTeal McAteer (McMaster University) POSTER.04 - New interdisciplinary science course for first-year faculty of science students: Overview and results from the pilot Bayshore FoyerSarah L Symons (McMaster University) • Robert Cockcroft • Devra Charney (McMaster University) • Geneviève van Wersch (McMaster University) • Kris Knorr (McMaster University) • Lori Goff (McMaster University) • Michael J Farquharson (McMaster University) • Sarah J Robinson (McMaster University) POSTER.46 - A comparison of selected undergraduate physiology programs in North America and the United Kingdom Bayshore FoyerBrett H Shaw (Simon Fraser University) • Cindy Xin (Simon Fraser University) • Craig Asmundson (Simon Fraser University) • Gina Whitaker (Simon Fraser University) • Victoria Elizabeth Claydon (Simon Fraser University) POSTER.05 - Slow facilitation: A collective, evidence-based approach to designing peer supports for teaching development Bayshore FoyerRobin Alison Mueller (University of Calgary) POSTER.07 - Skill enhancement through teaching assistant training Bayshore FoyerKatherine Lyon (University of British Columbia) • Kerry Greer (University of British Columbia) • Silvia Bartolic (University of British Columbia) POSTER.06 - 3M National Teaching Fellowship Program: Impact study Bayshore FoyerDenise Stockley (Queen's University) • Arshad Ahmad • Ron Smith POSTER.08 - Competency based strategies to support faculty development Bayshore FoyerLaura Fillmore (Chamberlain College of Nursing Chicago - Illinos) POSTER.09 - A mentoring model: Support structures and resources for community building Bayshore FoyerPaula Rosehart (Simon Fraser University) • Paula Howarth (Simon Fraser University) POSTER.10 - A dietetics professional practice course transformed: Students as creators of knowledge Bayshore FoyerKatherine Sohm (University of British Columbia) POSTER.11 - Building community, encouraging support: Three streams of student mentoring in University of British Columbia Sociology Bayshore FoyerHeather Holroyd (University of British Columbia) • Katherine Lyon (University of British Columbia) • Kerry Greer (University of British Columbia) • Silvia Bartolic (University of British Columbia) POSTER.12 - Do we need to teach in harmony? Developing a food science concept inventory to measure learning effectiveness and fine-tune our teaching practices Bayshore FoyerJudy Chan • Azita Madadi Noei (University of British Columbia) • Nancy Ross (University of British Columbia) POSTER.13 - Easing the shock: Improving first generation transfer student success in their transition to a 4-year institution Bayshore FoyerAlberto Guzman-Alvarez (University of California - Davis) • Amy Falk Smith (University of California - Davis) POSTER.14 - Two successful strategies for improving students’ academic writing and study skills in Australia Bayshore FoyerKeith Foggett (University of Newcastle - Australia) POSTER.44 - Learner-centered simulations for pre-graduate nursing students: Tuning into their clinical practice needs Bayshore FoyerJordana McMurray (University of Toronto) • Maureen A. Barry (University of Toronto) • Sarah L. Johnston (University of Toronto) POSTER.45 - Development of an exit survey to evaluate undergraduate student learning experiences Bayshore FoyerBrett H Shaw (Simon Fraser University) • Cindy Xin (Simon Fraser University) • Craig Asmundson (Simon Fraser University) • Gina Whitaker (Simon Fraser University) • Victoria Elizabeth Claydon (Simon Fraser University) POSTER.15 - Teaching students argumentation visually with the dialectical map Bayshore FoyerHui Niu (Simon Fraser University) • Joan Sharp (Simon Fraser University) POSTER.16 - Tuning into student perceptions of eportfolio use for reflective learning and leadership development Bayshore FoyerMartha Reavley (University of Windsor) • Natalie Yun (University of Windsor) • Nobuko Fujita (University of Windsor) POSTER.17 - Tuning into technology: An autobiographical study of the development of teachers' educational technology competencies Bayshore FoyerBryan Hartman (University of Northern British Columbia) POSTER.18 - Women and gamification: Disassembling the gendered classroom Bayshore FoyerErin Menzies (University of British Columbia) Special Event - SFU Teaching and Learning Players Bayshore Foyer POSTER.19 - Barriers faced by undergraduate students when reading primary literature Bayshore FoyerEmily Leaman (Simon Fraser University) • Nienke van Houten (Simon Fraser University) POSTER.20 - Exploring undergraduates' learning strategies and metacognition in an introductory science course Bayshore FoyerAshley Welsh (University of British Columbia) POSTER.21 - Expose yourself to the scholarship of teaching and learning Bayshore FoyerDavid M Andrews (University of Windsor) • Jessica Raffoul (University of Windsor) • Michael K. Potter (University of Windsor) POSTER.22 - Faculty perceptions of challenges and enablers of effective teaching Bayshore FoyerAndrea Han (she/her) • Simon Bates • Adriana Briseno-Garzon (University of British Columbia) • Gülnur Birol (University of British Columbia) • Lorne Whitehead (University of British Columbia) POSTER.23 - Insights from the inaugural cohort of an innovative first-year undergraduate program for international students Bayshore FoyerAshley Welsh (University of British Columbia) • Brian Wilson (University of British Columbia) • Joanne Fox (University of British Columbia) • John Haggerty (University of British Columbia) • Sandra Zappa-Hollman (University of British Columbia) POSTER.24 - Institutional teaching cultures: Tuning our attention to process metrics in an era of assessment and accountability Bayshore FoyerErika Kustra • Jill Grose (Brock University) • Lori Goff (McMaster University) • Paola Borin (Ryerson University) • Peter Wolf (Queen's University) • Donna Ellis (University of Waterloo) • Florida Doci (University of Windsor) POSTER.25 - Iterative practice, iterative pedagogy: Integrating writing and studio education to foster reflective teaching and transformative learning in the first-year graphic design Classroom Bayshore FoyerEmilie Brancato (OCAD University) • Nancy Snow (OCAD University) • Saskia van Kampen (OCAD University) POSTER.26 - Peer feedback on writing: Is more better? A pilot study Bayshore FoyerChristina Hendricks POSTER.27 - Reflecting on diagnostic errors: Taking a second look is not enough Bayshore FoyerGeoffrey R. Norman (McMaster University) • Jonathan Sherbino (McMaster University) • Sandra D. Monteiro (McMaster University) POSTER.28 - SoTL snakes and ladders: Variations on a theme Bayshore FoyerNicola Simmons (Brock University) POSTER.29 - Teaching team work skills to undergraduate students: How many teaching strategies do you use? Bayshore FoyerAlaina Evanson (Southern Cross University) • Beverly Joffe (Southern Cross University) • Jennieffer Barr (Central Queensland University) • Sandra Grace (Southern Cross University) POSTER.30 - The impact of practice on graduate students’ confidence to give a lecture Bayshore FoyerErin Aspenlieder (University of Guelph) • Lauren Wallar (University of Guelph) • Meagan Troop (University of Guelph) POSTER.31 - The impact of processing skills on students’ use of research resources Bayshore FoyerNathan Lachowsky (University of British Columbia) • Jacqueline Murray (University of Guelph) POSTER.32 - Using easily accessible aggregate LMS and SEoT data to evaluate learning design, learner engagement and perceived course value Bayshore FoyerDebra Sandilands (University of British Columbia) • Leah P. Macfadyen (University of British Columbia) • Ido Roll Sponsor Exhibition Bayshore Foyer POSTER.33 - Effectiveness of collaborative group work in a first-year Health Sciences course Bayshore FoyerFabiola Aparicio-Ting (University of Calgary) • Chelsea Doktorchik (University of Calgary) POSTER.34 - Electronic portfolio assessment: Developing a rubric for student evaluation in a course setting at the undergraduate level Bayshore FoyerAyesha Khan (McMaster University) • Julie Conder (McMaster University) • Marta Maslej (McMaster University) POSTER.36 - Examining changes in faculty teaching and sustainability of changes after professional development Bayshore FoyerStanley M. Lo (University of California - San Diego) • Su L. Swarat (California State University - Fullerton) • Denise L. Drane (Northwestern University) • Gregory J. Light (Northwestern University) • Rachael R. Baiduc (Northwestern University) POSTER.37 - Observing TAs’ teaching: Improving practice Bayshore FoyerAnita Girvan (University of Victoria) • Buddy Boren (University of Victoria) • David Barrett (University of Victoria) • Elizabeth Clarke (University of Victoria) • Elizabeth Hagestedt (University of Victoria) • Emma Nicholls-Allison (University of Victoria) • Jane Butterfield (University of Victoria) POSTER.38 - Prevalence of academic misconduct on written tests: How to measure it and how to stop it! Bayshore FoyerCoral Murrant (University of Guelph) • Kerry Ritchie (University of Guelph) • Kristine Ottaway (University of Guelph) POSTER.39 - Tuning into practice: Engaging entry-to-practice doctor of pharmacy students using simulation in a physical assessment course Bayshore FoyerErica Cambly (University of Toronto) POSTER.40 - Evidence-based recommendations to improve the accuracy of peer-evaluation of written assignments. Bayshore FoyerAlison Crerar (University of Guelph) • Daniel Jeffery (University of Guelph) • Kerry Ritchie (University of Guelph) • Krassimir Yankulov (University of Guelph). POSTER.41 - Using PhotoVoice to learn about complexity and interconnectedness in the context of social inequity and health. Bayshore FoyerBarb Berry (Simon Fraser University) • Jemma Tosh (Simon Fraser University) • Maya Gislason (Simon Fraser University) • Rodney Hunt (Simon Fraser University) POSTER.42 - Understanding the curve: Implications of norm-referenced grading in large introductory science courses Bayshore FoyerAlberto Guzman-Alvarez (University of California - Davis) • Amy Falk Smith (University of California - Davis) POSTER.43 - You can’t change what you can’t measure: Measuring teaching practices and student learning to promote improvement in introductory science classes Bayshore FoyerCatherine Uvarov • Alan Gamage (University of California - Davis) • Alberto Guzman-Alvarez (University of California - Davis) • Amy Falk Smith (University of California - Davis) • Chris Pagliarulo (University of California - Davis) • Erin Becker (University of California - Davis) • Greg Allen (University of California - Davis) • Marco Molinaro (University of California - Davis) • Matt Steinwachs (University of California - Davis)

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